1125 South Edgar Street York, PA (717) 718-2222 1990 Carlisle Road York, PA (717) 764-6666
A Little aboutThe Vault Pizza and Deli  The Vault Pizza and Deli was established on December 10th of 2003. The business was the concept of Athanasios Margetas, but was made possible by his parents Peter Margetas and Spiridoula Margetas. His brother Dr. George Margetas has also helped along the way, along with Grandma Maria Siakavellas. In December of 2003 The Vault Pizza and Deli began from the ground up. We purchased a former bank building and renovated it into a restaurant/bar/carryout beer establishment. The learning curve was steep but happened very quickly and we adapted just as fast as to what was needed to be done to succeed. The major focus was providing quality, consistency, and a great value for our product. Along with providing a great product we bunched that together with exceptional service.
 We consider ourselves a very family oriented establishment and built a majority of our business on the relationships we have created with our customers. We don’t rely on a huge advertising budget as the large corporations do. On the other hand, our major form of advertising is word of mouth!!! A small scale business like The Vault, grows on the principles it was founded on. Make everyone feel welcome; make them feel like family, and the rest will follow. We would like to thank all of our loyal and faithful customers. We also in return look forward to creating more relationships and expanding on your loyal cliental base in the years to come. Thank you, Athan Margetas